A Brightly Coloured Helping Hand

Founded in 2010, myHarapan is a Malaysian non-profit that helps youth-led social businesses through coaching and mentoring.

myHarapan’s 2014 report is a slim book at only 22 pages but it is packed with information, games and puzzles. If that were not enough to drive home the youth-centric focus of the report, its colour palette and typographic treatments certainly do.

The games include a trading-card game similar to Top Trumps, featuring senior management and the skills they possess to help youth projects. The game even comes with the cutting and folding marks to make a box in which to store your cards.

Other games include creating stories with reusable stickers and a word-search with playful typography. The report also comes equipped with 3D glasses to use on the photographs in the report (two of which also activate a video when myHarappan’s app is enabled).

The report is a 4-colour book but relies mainly on a palette of rich red, yellow, blue and black, with a distressed overlay. Its design and the inclusion of various games also creates a tactile engagement with the report not often seen in publications aimed purely at adults. This is a vibrant, colour-saturated book that echoes the energy of the young people whom myHarapan serves.

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