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Crunite is a global community of creatives who celebrate outstanding annual reports. We showcase and review work selected by our curators and provide a space to learn from each other, share work and hopefully, find new partners to collaborate with.

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We work with Annual Reports.

We are designers, illustrators, motion designers, web designers, typographers, infographics specialists, print makers, writers, photographers, layout artists, annual report preparers and commissioners and a whole lot more!

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Sure, there are plenty of amazing places to showcase our work online but we always felt our community - the annual reports people - didn’t have a place to be ourselves. We created Crunite to throw a spotlight on the frankly undervalued creative work of annual reports. Our main focus is the Portfolio section where we can show and talk about reports we’re proud to have made (or proposed!)


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Annual report work is a hyper-specialised craft. People working in annual reports bind together art and business in a more engaged, narrative-driven way than most other commercial arts. Find out how to make effective reports, what the good ones look like and where to learn more.

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Discover inspirational people to work with by browsing the Portfolio section and the Interview pages. Whether you’re a typographer looking for a photographer or the Head of Corporate Communications looking to work with a gifted printer - this is the place to see good work.




Still curious?

Have you read that report
powered by sunlight?

Or the one where
the dog ate the report?

Once referred to as the “Holy grail of corporate communications”, annual reports are a rare cocktail of magic and money and we’re glad to be on this journey with you.

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