Growing herbs on the cover of your book

Baumax-x is a chain of Polish-run home improvement stores. Their corporate brochure focuses on the gardening department and is packaged to resemble a packet of seeds. Inside this packet are the brochure, a real packet of seeds (garden cress) and a perforated, cotton wool sheet.

In keeping with their DIY ethos, the brochure incorporates a seedling tray on the cover.

Bright red plastic moulded into a relief of the words ‘do it yourself’ adorn the cover, inviting the reader to plant the provided seeds directly on the cover of the brochure. A section inside the book features a sequence of photographs showing employees growing garden cress on the cover. The brochure features a Coptic binding that visually reinforces the DIY ethos.

Worth noting is the quality of the print in this brochure. It is exceptional in terms of colour and clarity –and barring a few soft images– the visual impact of the crisp print is remarkable.

The design of the interior is restrained in terms of type. It uses a single, lean sans serif in multiple weights and sizes. This restraint contrasts well with the use of vibrant yellow and red, Baumax-x’s corporate colours.

Infographics are almost entirely absent but where they do appear they are handled well, pushing the typeface to its limits in terms of size and colour. Again, the printing is the real star, making the information easy to digest.

Image Source: Büro X
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