Bank On The Farm (Crédit Agricole Group, 2022–2023)

Known informally as ‘the green bank’ because of its long relationship with farming in its native France, Crédit Agricole Group is an international banking group and, its website tells us, it is the world’s largest cooperative financial organisation.

The Group’s 2022–2023 integrated report consists of a surprising volume of information packed behind a lean, compact-looking opening page or two. You begin to suspect the nested information in the report would easily occupy 300-pages of a printed edition, and as such, the use of a website to host the data is a wise choice.

Playing to its links with the farming community (and its corporate livery), the report makes heavy use of various shades of green in its colour palette, as well as a versatile purple. Against the green in particular, the choice of a red dot as cursor is a simple and effective deployment of colour theory to aid navigation.

The photography of staff, stakeholders and locales is beautiful. Timed and/or lit to suggest long summer days and soft summer evenings, the photographs elevate this report and make the Group seem friendly and energetic.

The motion graphics of the report can be prone to some light stuttering, though this is mostly likely due to internet connectivity than any inherent flaw in the design, since the report contains video segments as well and these load in a timely manner. Typography (wisely) takes a back seat to the photography and the many parts of the report, allowing a sense of movement to carry the reader through the contents.

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