Focusing on the New Norm (Armacell AR 2022)

Armacell International S.A. is a conglomerate based in Luxembourg, that is active in the global construction industry, having evolved from the invention of a single product for equipment insulation. Insulation remains their main focus, expanding their product portfolio to cover acoustics, fire protection, aerogel technology and recycling of PET products.

The 2022 annual report consists of four sections: The first provides a comprehensive description of the company’s structure and functions, clients, key projects and products, and its transformation in the year under review; the next outlines their strategic vision and future plans and the third showcases their sustainability achievements in relation to the United Nations SDGs; the final section presents the financial performance of the company.

The design of the PDF version of the report is unusual in that it departs from the conventional A4 booklet format, and instead opts for a horizontal format that accommodates the page comfortably on a digital screen.

The typography and page designs are functional and highlight the relevant statistics cleverly, using muted pastel shades that imply an eco-friendly personality. The first page in a chapter is denoted by a full-page image, usually of high-tech cityscapes, with large bold type styled as open-white headings. The theme ‘Focusing on the New Norm’ takes pride of place, and the rest of the chapter headings follow suit.

Large photographs are used to identify the iconic buildings, institutions and locations where the company’s products and services have been deployed, emphasising the scope and reach of their expertise. Other photos are used to showcase the product range, and examples of corporate social responsibility.

Eye-catching diagrams and graphics are used to show statistical information at the relevant points through the report. Images of the CEO and management team are rendered in a pleasing graphic form.

Overall it is a visually pleasing, functional, user-friendly, annual report.

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