The Corporate Orange (NürnbergMesse 2022)

Founded in 1974, NürnbergMesse is a trade fair exhibition centre based in Nuremberg, Germany, and the NürnbergMesse Group has branches in China, North America, Brazil, Italy and India.

While NürnbergMesse’s 2022 report is short and unremarkable in most respects, it uses a single spot colour to function in multiple ways. The colour, a bright orange that forms part of the corporate livery, is used variously as a navigation aid; to draw the eye; to balance other colours on a spread; as the basis for illustrations and icons; as well as an abstract design element.

The colour is used by way of solid fill, overlay or as a highlighter (for text). The design of the cover is quite clever in this regard. Above a staid, blue tinted photograph of part of the corporate building, the only text featured on the cover is the corporate logo. The reader is therefore primed to notice and respond to the complementary colour; orange.

This use of a basic colour theory tool is highly effective and easy to apply, making for an effective way to elevate the visual aspects of a report.

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