Governance and Growth (Happiest Minds – Annual Report 2022-23)

Happiest Minds is a multinational Indian IT company headquartered in Bengaluru. As its name suggests, the company places great emphasis on the well-being of its workforce through its culture of ‘happiness evangelism’, directing the enthusiasm and commitment of their spiritually satisfied staff towards the efficient delivery of services to their customers. The Chairman’s Letter clearly sets out this overarching policy, which forms the basis of their success. The company has consistently been recognised as a great place to work, particularly in the IT sector, and for women.

The report elaborates on the slogan ‘The Mindful IT Company’, extolling the virtues of meditation and yoga, to improve the efficiency of their teams around the world. This same philosophy enables multidisciplinary teams in the company to collaborate with each other, providing innovative solutions for customers.

The home page video-graphic motif depicts a three-man rowing crew in perfect unison against the background of a revolving map of the globe — an eye-catching introduction to the report, that attempts to capture the teamwork and key principles of the global organisation in a single visual expression.

Infographics across all the dynamic pages provide visual emphasis to the comparisons, listings and progressions of data. The colour palette follows a theme of environment friendly green, blue and yellow, with contrasting colours used for points of emphasis and for photographs. Typography is skilfully used in various styles, sizes and colours to highlight key points in the page layouts.

The financial sections of the report are comprehensive, and are made available in the form of downloadable PDFs. These are mostly text with minimal colour, for clarity.

ESG-related matters and their impact on all stakeholder segments are discussed extensively, demonstrating the company’s desire to meet expectations and gain public trust. Diversity and Inclusion, and Human Rights, among others, are areas highlighted in the report. The UN Millennium Development Goals targeted by the company are also described at length using a colourful infographic.

Easy navigation links are available to peruse the report, but almost every link opens in a new tab, and the user ends up with a forest of open tabs after a while.

Overall, the report has the personality of a spiritual lifestyle guide for employees and customers, combined with a top quality comprehensive financial report.

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