Simple and Elegant: CapitaLand Investment Limited 2022

CapitaLand Investment Limited is a leading global real estate investment management company with a string foothold in Asia. Their 2022 annual report does a good job of highlighting the strengths of the company, and the areas in which they’re hoping to improve.

It is apparent the company plans to take a more globalised approach: from their world map showcasing the locations they’ve established themselves in, to the CEO’s comment that their “journey has just started,” the company shows they take great pride in their work and have hopes for future expansion.

The “About Us” section of the report is eye-catching and colourful, the green and blue theme pleasing to the eye and making readers curious as to what the company has achieved. The sans serif typeface makes the infographics easy to read.

The use of photographs is minimal. The report is mostly filled with graphs and charts instead, visualising key figures the company and the graphs are used to add colour.

The financial information present is comprehensive, while also not being overwhelming, a hard task to achieve but which CapitaLand manages to do.

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