Accelerating Towards the Future (Pirelli 2019)

The Pirelli Annual Report 2019 is in the form of an interactive PDF, giving the reader easy access to functions like search, print and email within the body of the report.

The muted yellow of the minimalist cover weaves into the report and is seen in the headings. Yellow is said to represent increased mental activity and muscle energy, which resonates with the spirit of the company.

The report seems text heavy at first. The typeface used for titles is a slim sans serif. Graphics use the cheerful yellow, too, but it is the vibrant and energetic section separators which bring life to the report. These works are the brainchild of collage artist, Selman Hosgor. The collages are a medley of photographs, illustrations and spirited colors; they are spontaneous and thought provoking. Each collage is titled with a short phrase.

Common threads that tie the collages together are a futuristic focus, along with a very clear emphasis on AI, technology and innovation. Each collage has a spontaneous yellow brush stroke, suggesting the idea of speed, and also a splash little polka dots, adding to the dynamic look.

When the reader reaches the end of the report, there’s a surprise in store: a collection of breathtaking double-spread photographs. In addition to motor sports, the reader sees winter sports, sailing and football – all of them sports supported by the company. The report also makes clear Pirelli’s involvement in the arts as well as their collaboration with brands like Montblanc, Pagani and Dugati.

We wish these beautiful images had been interspersed between the pages of the report to break the monotony of the text, but maybe the company was intentionally saving the best for the last?

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