Back On Track And Stronger Than Ever (Sports World Annual Report 2022)

Sports World is the leader in Mexico’s family sports club market, and the only public- quoted company in the wellness industry in Latin America. They operate over 50 sports clubs in Mexico, promoting fitness and training activities for families and individual members around the nation.

Structurally this is a conventional annual report, with two sections. The first describes the company and its activities; the second displays detailed financial information.

A number of noteworthy design features hit your eye at first glance. The sports imagery takes centre stage on the opening pages, with action photographs of athletic activity imaginatively treated through the use of colour and abstract graphic design to bring out their dynamic nature.

The imagery is combined with eye-catching typography. The report uses a large, extra bold sans serif typeface in capitals, stylised with a horizontal cut, and shifted alignment to create a sense of movement. This sets the scene and brings out the personality of the company which aims to demonstrate its goal of achieving dominance in the marketplace.

The company places high priority on ESG in its business activities, and this is reflected in this report. The UN Sustainability Goals achieved are indicated with the placement of the logos in the relevant points in the document.

As chapter separators and page embellishments, graphically altered photographs of individual athletes in sporting, swimming and training situations are used, interspersed with photographs of common gym equipment, to add an extra punch to the message of fitness throughout the report.

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