Chromotherapy is the cure (GGZ Delfland 2019)

Colour therapy is used as an alternative method to combat psychological disorders and in this light, the 2019 annual review of GGZ Delfland, an organization dedicated to mental health, is a ray of sunshine.

The home page is easy to browse, functioning as a contents page and giving the reader a glimpse of what’s in store. Diving into the report through the contents page transports the reader into a world of colour coupled with quirky graphics.

While scrolling down the letter from the board of directors, there is a subtle change in shapes, lines and angles. Rather than coming across as disconcerting, this seems to tie in well with the ethos of the company.

Smooth scrolling has been utilized throughout, which is very soothing. Tied in with kinetic typography, this effect prevents an information overload.

A tasteful parallax effect has been applied across the report as well – in one section there’s even an elevator at the top of one page that sinks into oblivion while scrolling, and then pops up once again at the bottom of the page.

A shadow effect enhances the graphics, creating a three dimensional aspect. Additionally, most of the graphics move when the mouse hovers over them. This serves to secure the reader’s attention. Scrolling down also activates a bar on the top of the page, which signifies how much progress has been made in the article. Reading time is also mentioned.

An interesting feature is on the page that speaks of a building renovation: the reader is able to click and drag a slider of sorts to view ‘before and after’ photos in one frame. Included on the page addressing mental health law is a slightly different, 2D motion graphic of a complex machine, suggesting the intricacy of the human mind.

Motion graphics have even been used in data representation; hovering the mouse over a statistic reveals colour and gives numerical details.

At the bottom of each segment, the reader is given two options to navigate to another section; these options swivel horizontally when the mouse hovers over it.

At the outset, GGZ Delfland communicates that this report is all about the people. Both explicitly and implicitly, it really is.

Online Report :  GGZ Delfland Annual Report 2019

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