LVMH’s 2016 Annual Report exudes an elegance befitting the luxury items for which the company is known. The text, though hefty in size, is effortlessly stylish and sophisticated both in content and design. The cover displays a model in clothes and accessories that are valuable but not ostentatious, and the viewer is meant to imagine her just as easily on a runway as out and about in the world. This sense of being both accessible and upscale is a line the report straddles from beginning to end.

The report is text heavy, indicating a seriousness in conveying the year’s milestones, contemplating future plans and reinstating the company’s values.

Despite this, the report does not feel monotonous as strategically placed images and infographics remind the reader of LVMH’s high-quality products.

The report is comprised for four main sections: The LVMH Group, Business Group insights, LVMH Stories, and finally, Performance Measures. The first section is frontloaded with commentaries on the past year, messages from the CEO and various directors, alongside financial information and future initiatives. The text is laid out in a black font against a white background while headings and titles are highlighted in a muted gold font. This clean layout emphasizes the expensive nature displayed throughout the report, particularly with the rich, jewel-tone blue of each page that introduces separate sections.

The rest of the report’s contents follow a similar layout. The pages detailing LVMH’s business ventures (such as wine, leather goods, perfumes etc.) are introduced with an image matching the product. Infographics in the same muted gold as the headings continue the sophisticated layout used elsewhere and is followed by pages of text outlining the 2016 highlights pertaining that product.

The report also makes an effort to personalize their information in the midst of the upscale impression it creates.

In a section titled LVMH Stories, each product’s history is laid out with accompanying images. This serves to create a narrative around each product and adds a personal touch to the high-end items.

The report concludes with a final section devoted to more infographics that lay out, both financial and non-financial information as well as important information for the shareholders.

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