From the shop to your table

The Metro Group operates a German wholesale cash-and-carry business with a focus on food and consumer electronics. The Group’s 2012 report is comprised of two parts: the annual report and a slim booklet that looks in depth at one of their customers – the owner of a charming trattoria in Rome.

The main report uses a cased-in perfect bound cover with spot lamination. The cover features a fold out that provides at-a-glance information about the company as well as the contents page. This aids navigating the report’s 218-pages of information efficiently, as do the card stock tabbed pages and bookmark.

The report opens with twelve brightly coloured excerpts of the company’s in-store brochures, using thin, glossy paper.

These in-store brochures make one other appearance – in the portraits of the management board, helping to link the company’s work to the people doing it.

Following this, the report adopts a serious tone, making effective use of uncoated stock and a mostly two-colour design for text and infographics. The text uses a single typeface in multiple weights and sizes and the infographics show a fine control of line weight and colour. Portraits in this latter section are black and white, inked illustrations.

Photography is put to good use on the uncoated stock of the small booklet.

This covers a singe day in the trattoria owner’s life, taking care to show customers, employees, scenes from the city and the owner at work. It’s a beautiful portrait of a small business and lovingly photographed. The booklet devotes a few pages at the end to talk about the various businesses that fall within Metro Group’s ambit.

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