Homely and Hopeful (Spar Bau 2020)

At first glance, the bright yellow used in Spar + Bau’s 2020 annual report does not seem to go hand in hand with the way in which the year simply pulled the rug from under our feet. Turning the pages of this report proves otherwise.

Based in Hanover, Germany, Spar + Bau handles the construction and rental of residential buildings. The cover of their 2020 annual report has a 3D effect, with evenly spaced hexagons across the page. There is also a hexagonal cutout in the middle, as though to invite the reader into the report. From the onset, the beehive theme is clear, and it works well with the company’s mission to create homes.

Photography is used to make this connection as well. Some images of houses have been made from unique angles; the reader could imagine they are standing and staring upwards at the multi-floor buildings. The photography is a highlight on all pages – it is vibrant in every possible way, people-centric and reflects how lifestyles changed during the year.

The colour palette of yellow and white makes every element on the pages pop. A double-page spread for the figures playfully displays numbers in different sizes, typefaces (including handwritten) and styles.

The report also explores the work-from-home concept in depth, especially if and how it has affected home life. Stories from different stakeholders shed light on the matter further. All in all, this colorful report is packed with love, hope and positivity; a true testament to how the company braved the year 2020.

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