It’s All Sketched Out (WIRO 2020)

Coupled with their annual and environmental reports comes WIRO’s very special feel-good report for 2020 — a little booklet celebrating 30 years of service. Based in Rostock, Germany, WIRO is the area’s largest housing provider.

Inside the pages of this report, the reader is taken on a journey through the previous three decades.

The report is uniquely designed and packaged, allowing for it to be framed into the top covering of the collection of reports – almost like the essential, final piece of a jigsaw puzzle. Its small, rounded format is unusual, and its refined, embossed cover is eye-catching.

What the reader may initially perceive as simple creative line art is later seen as creative sketches and planning drawings, similar to what one would see in a construction project. Illustrations combined with photography add a quirky touch to the overall look and feel of the report. Splashes of bright colour in addition to the predominant red hues within create a sense of excitement.

The report is not text heavy; it’s an easy read, and the uncoated paper adds to the reader’s physical experience – as though allowing them to enter the world of materials and building.

Figures and numbers are given prominence within the pages of this report, adding value to the information given.

The reader will also notice the three different decades marked sequentially across the pages on the left top corner, to represent the timelines for various projects and events the company has been involved in from past to present.

All in all, this report is both a visual and tactile treat, adding special value to the reporting of the company for the year 2020.

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