Racing Ahead in Style (Porsche 2020)

The highlight of the Porsche Annual and Sustainability Report 2020 is an extensive collection of stunning photography. Even for those who are not die-hard automobile fans, the cover of this report is enticing.

On entering the report, the reader will see a seductive photograph of a Porsche vehicle along with the contents page, generating an impulse to keep progressing. Section separators are impressive full bleed double spread images, making the reader savour them a little while longer. Full-bleed images on single pages scattered throughout the report convey a sense of speed and also quite explicitly, a feeling of awe.

Various models of the car, ranging from past to present (even never before seen concept cars) in myriad colours and in varied settings — you name it, it’s within the pages of this report.

An interesting feature on pages 140-143 is a double page foldout with highlights of the year, displayed in the form of a timeline. Even the manner in which the brand takes some of their exhibitions and launches online due to the pandemic is impressive.

Despite the report initially seeming quite text-heavy, textual information is mostly presented in snippets with newspaper-like subheadings, making for easy consumption.

In addition to the photography, the 2020 ‘financial year in figures’ section uses an assortment of icons or illustrations, starting from page 57 and including even the sustainability strategy on page 67. Towards the end of the report, text increases but once again icons combined with clear titles come to the rescue, breaking the the monotony.

It’s fascinating to be given an insight into the adventures of this famous brand over the period of such a chaotic year, and also a special behind-the-scenes look at the production process of these legendary cars (page 29, and latterly in the ‘production’ section).

It’s plain to see that the pandemic has not stopped Porsche from driving innovation, research and development, collaboration and sustainability.

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