Surprise, Adventure, Growing, Fun (The Yard – Annual Report 2011)

The Yard is a Scottish charity that supports disabled children. It creates a platform for them to have fun, and to enjoy learning and interacting with their community and their environment. The children participate in activities with qualified carers, other children, and their own families in this setting (family participation is part of the process). All of this is amply demonstrated in their annual report for 2011.

The report is designed to appeal to an audience who can empathise with children, particularly those with special needs. This is perfectly conveyed in the typography which simulates child-like handwriting, with its highlights and embellishments.

The report focuses on The Yard’s 25th anniversary, and is divided into two sections: ‘Head’ and ‘Heart’. ‘Head’ describes the factual elements of the story, including finances.  Here, charts and graphics are fittingly displayed as hand-drawn diagrams, blending seamlessly into the personality of the document. ‘Heart’ deals with the emotional aspects of services provided, and the commitment of carers who support the children in all their needs.

A series of case studies describes the way specific children benefit from participation in activities at The Yard. These show a heart-warming and playful use of colour and layout and each individual story adds a personal element to the overall picture of the warm and welcoming nature of The Yard’s services.  This is followed by a similar section devoted to the carers and support staff who form the backbone of the organisation, and keep it working efficiently through their dedication and enthusiasm.

The great majority of the organisation’s funding comes from voluntary income, and this report is an important tool to create awareness and provide motivation for potential donors to take the leap.  It is a wonderful testament to the work done by The Yard, and has the emotional weight to tug at the heartstrings, and thereby the purse strings, of potential donors.

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