The Good Lawyer (EARTHJUSTICE, Annual Report 2020)

Established in 1971 to fight for environmental causes, the American non-profit organisation, Earthjustice, litigates against huge commercial and state interests. Their work in America cannot be overstated and include a number of precedent-setting cases in environmental law. Currently they have 200 lawyers fighting 500 cases for free, to protect the planet.

Earthjustice’s 2020 annual report is a study in cautious optimism. It must have been a pleasure to read, in what was a bleak year around the world. The report uses colour, copywriting, and photography to great effect, in providing a positive view of the immediate future.

The colour palette in the report is rich and bright and sets the tone for the copywriting. The writing is clear and concise. It avoids legal and environmental jargon, and it sounds determined and strong – perfect for the work in which Earthjustice is engaged.

The backbone of the photography is provided by a number of images by Alyssa Schukar, a contributing photographer to the New York Times. These striking photographs (the cover in particular), create a sense of movement and energy. A number of other photographers contribute evocative landscape images and portraits. Notably, the design gives equal weight to images of the Earth and the people fighting to protect it.

This is a slim report (46pp), carefully compiled, and it packs a punch.


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