The People’s Most Valuable Asset (Phoenix Group)

The Phoenix Group Annual Report gets right to the point with their cover title consolidating their “most valuable asset” and number one priority – health. From there, the easily navigable report proves the conviction behind this statement before concluding in an extensive financial proof.

Starting with the cover, the large lifestyle photography perfectly complements the full-page infographics, providing readers a sense of trust. Capturing people in places and moments the photography gives us a slice of life as it should be; healthy and carefree. The soft gradients and simplicity of the accompanying graphics promote a feeling of security.

Text is kept brief yet comprehensive and is written cleverly. The bolding of introductory paragraphs allows readers to choose which sections interest them quickly and move through the report efficiently.

Woven into the report is the story of Ana and her recovery; a testimonial to the core of what Phoenix Group stands for. To top it all off, the substantial financial records are studded with charts and graphs brimming with information.

The use of colour ties the whole report together. Sticking primarily to the iconic Phoenix Group green and a few other viridescent shades, the report uses pops of bright orange and red for contrast. The informality of these images contrasts perfectly with the neat sans serif typeface and justified paragraphs that keep the pages uncluttered. The large, bold headings and ample white space make it easy for even the most detached reader to grasp the information in this report.

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