The Report of the Big Cat (PUMA 2021)

The report draws a sharp visual distinction between what it calls the ‘magazine’ section and the meat of the report. The landing page and magazine are full of movement and precision motion graphics; dramatic, grainy black and white portraiture; sharply slanting blocks of graded colour; a sleek sans serif typeface – in short, all the things you expect from a company inextricably tied to sport.

The magazine section is disappointing only in one respect. Of the outstanding sports people listed in the section, only Giorgio Chiellini is given a full length interview. The rest must make do with a short bio of recent accomplishments. It seems like a wasted opportunity to engage with readers.

This is not to suggest the report is totally bereft of interesting content. It features a 45-minute episode of Puma’s brand marketing podcast, while the Brands & Products section showcases some excellent colour portraiture of sports stars, musicians and tastemakers.

The rest of the report performs its administrative function and fulfils its legal requirements with minimum fuss – stark white backgrounds with a limited colour palette; very few photographs and an easy to read layout. This design lends itself to simple downloads and cheap printing on your office printer, which is a well-calculated design choice and perhaps the best feature of this part of the report.

While there is nothing ground-breaking here, the design is well-executed and conveys the ethos of this well-known company.

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