The responsibility of the individual and the collective in environmental preservation is the consistent message conveyed throughout the BA Glass annual report 2019. In this endeavor, the report utilizes striking visual elements, unique imagery, a bright color palette, and typography in a simple layout.

This message is encapsulated in the simple, yet powerful theme lines ‘it’s up to you’ and ‘it’s up to us’ used alternately throughout the opening pages of the report. The message is accentuated further with the use of a bright color palette. The neon green, the dominant color of the report, has a refreshing, calming effect while representing the natural world.

The theme pages employ split imagery that aligns two different images to showcase BA Glass products and images consistent with the key message of sustainability. While the opening pages create an impact, it might have been more effective to have the thematics and split images scattered in the inner sections to engage the reader even further.

The inner layout is simple, consisting of typography that is a mix of Sans Serif and Marker pen letters as well as large graphs and tables. This feature helps the reader immediately grasp important data succinctly.

Utilizing engaging visual elements and other features mentioned above, the report triumphs in conveying a timely, powerful message to galvanize the individual as well as the collective towards sustainable development.








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