What they didn’t teach you in photo school by Demetrius Fordham: a review

What they didn’t teach you in photo school is much like a companion guide – it captures a photographer’s journey from an amateur to becoming a professional and provides useful tips and tricks along the way. The author, Demetrius writes from experience and takes readers through a range of topics from the importance of being a photographer’s assistant to the significance of social media in building a sound business profile. 

The minimalistic layout of the book is complemented with its palette which consists of black, blue, and white.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that the photography documents the making of a photo shoots – they are windows into the bustling worlds of photographers.

As its cover subtly suggests, this book is written in the style of a ‘Did you know?’ book. The blog-style writing helps readers skim and absorb the crux of each chapter as sub-headings and bullet points encapsulate the main points. It’s a book you will keep returning to for its quick tips, reminders and motivation.

In addition to his own expertise, Demetrius quotes other professionals in the field to substantiate the points he illustrates. Most of the chapters are punctuated with pertinent quotes. The ten commandments on surviving in the field consist of the advice of a select panel of photographers and experts. Demetrius also provides readers with other useful resources for the areas covered in each chapter – these can be found towards the end of the book. 

Another aspect that modern- day photographers would find useful is the importance the writer places on building a compelling online presence.

Demetrius convinces photographers to start blogging and becoming social media savvy in order to present their work effectively. This component is an essential aspect of thriving in the industry today.

Can a book of this nature capture the gamut of experiences you are bound to experience in the field? Could Demetrius’s experiences be applied to photography industries throughout the world? The writer doesn’t promise to answer all questions or provide an all-inclusive guide but one that will provide a foundation for growth in a thriving and exacting industry.