Whatever it takes (Concern Worldwide 2019)

The expression ‘whatever it takes’ generally communicates fierce determination, unbridled passion and focused action. In this case, it speaks volumes about the very heart of Irish non-profit organization Concern Worldwide.

Their 2019 annual report is a collection of photographs from the myriad countries they help, coupled with stories of different people. These stories are inserted frequently throughout the report — encouraging proof of the change instigated by the organization.

A balanced mix of warm and cool colours are used throughout the report. Coupled with the lovely photographs, they signify hope and positivity. Numbers are highlighted throughout, while the world map showing the countries being aided is vibrant and eye-catching.

One notable story is that of Malawian farmer Patrick, whose crops were affected by cyclone Idai, but with the help of Concern Worldwide, was able to grow a healthy crop the following year. This change is communicated beautifully through two simple photographs, and a little additional text.

A special section in the report is dedicated to covid action, as the report was released during the early stages of the pandemic. A warm bright red has been used as though to signify urgency and danger.

Iconography in the strategic report is simple and straightforward, highlighting the goals of the organization. An ombre yellow effect is visible on some pages, giving the effect of the moment just before the sunrise – signifying a new day, a new dawn, and new life, all evident in the lives of the people being given aid.

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