Vibrantly Happy (House of HR 2020)

House of HR is a multinational human resources service provider based in Belgium. Their 2020 annual report is a vibrant visual treat, and it’s clear they take pride in not just surviving the pandemic year but thriving despite it; the proof is in the report.

The report uses candid portraiture and some of the photographs are accompanied by links to subject’s story, on YouTube.

Typography is bold and stands out despite the use of varied styles, drawing the reader’s attention not only at the start of the report but also at various points throughout.

The colour palette matches the positive tone of the report – red, blue, purple. The colours are quite a mix, but have been used very creatively so as not to appear excessive.

Beautiful double-page illustrations by Belgian artist, Pieter Van Eenoge

both stand out and fit in at the same time. The drawing style is somewhat like a painting, soft shapes and shadows to add dimension, while the colours match the aesthetic of the rest of the report.

Numbers are given prominence wherever they are in the report, and the eye of the reader is drawn first to them and only afterwards to text. The map of locations uses geometric shapes to create a dynamic impression.

The use of the circle in different ways creates the idea of togetherness, completeness and protection – all qualities of a home. Well-designed infographics abound, making for easy consumption of information.

Financial information is not printed in this report but instead a link is provided to access it in the CFO’s review. Additionally, a QR code is provided on the inner cover of the report where readers can access the online version of the report.

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