Meet our Curators!


Meet our esteemed panel of Curators – Dominik Cofalka, Guido Lombardo and Reg Pauffley. These Curators will review all submitted work and curate the very best for visibility on Crunite.

Dominik Cofalka is the founder and managing partner of financial market communication provider Mensalia, and has over 25 years of professional experience in the corporate publishing sector.

Guido Lombardo is one of the founders of Intorno Design and is also a lecturer of Design Methodoloy at the RUFA Academy. He is a senior member of the Italian Design Association of Visual Communication (AIAP).

Reg Pauffley is the founder of Pauffley in 1984 (now Fishburn), and also serves on the judging panel for a number of global corporate reporting awards. Since leaving Pauffley, Reg continues to advise clients on corporate reporting.

Tayfun Dursun is an experienced copywriter who has worked in numerous advertising agencies. He joined Finar’s team of corporate reporting professionals in 2012 and is presently the Creative Director and Vice President of the Company.

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