Size Matters: The Unsized Report

From the unusually tall to the fun-sized, annual reports come in all shapes and sizes. Most annual reports that experiment with size are a pleasure to behold. When you have it in your hands you know an unconventional story is waiting to be told. Here are a few unsized reports that have been featured on Crunite.

STAND (2012) The report is a tall treat at 32cm x 12cm, ensuring that the ethos of the organization is crystal clear. It also allows easy handling due to its narrow width. (Read more)

THE GREATER TORONTO AIRPORTS AUTHORITY (2007) Poised to deliver reader-friendliness, the report is slim and nearly square in shape, measuring 30cm x 21.5cm. (Read more)

ZUMTOBEL (2015/16) Possessing the elegance of a coffee table book, the report appears classy and stylish, keeping with the professionalism set forth by the company. (Read more)

ALEXANDRIA REAL ESTATE EQUITIES, INC (2006) The report is the size of your average novel. Although it might look straightforward at the onset, prepare to witness the story unfold most unexpectedly! (Read more)

QUIKSILVER (2007) At just 18cm in height, this report radiates a sense of daring and excitement despite its seemingly cute size. (Read more)

tags: Print Design