Growing together with Fortune REIT

Understanding real estate investment can be complex for readers and investors alike. That is why Fortune REIT uses an extended metaphor and some adorable illustrated creatures to tell their story. The report, centred around a village of 2D Chinese animated characters, compares the growing of Peonies (flowers of riches and honour in Chinese culture) to the growth of real estate profits.. Keeping with this horticultural theme, the report uses recycled paper in certain places and the cover page features a special type of seed paper with instructions about how to plant and grow them.

This interactive feature of the report combined with brightly coloured animations of bean sprouts, vines and little garden folk truly sparks a reader’s imagination.

The report is divided into four sections: Seeding, Blossoming, Harvest and Reinvesting, each with its own characters and colour. This helps to simplify the in-depth information in each section. Headers, charts and the leafy boarder around the corporate governance policy, gives readers breathing space and helps unclutter the information. Moreover, the creatively composed bar charts and line charts using sprouts and saplings, page numbers embedded in leaves and the use of bean sprouts as map markers enhances the overall playful vibe of the report.

Photography plays a minor role. Design and animation are what carry the account forward.

The double page illustrations amalgamated with simple, black sketches of their buildings and attractions replace the need for photographs. However, staff portraits, and images from events and showrooms do appear, more as proof than to reinforce the page content.

Written in English and Mandarin, text is arranged in justified, square paragraphs in two columns. English text is conveyed in a simple sans-serif typeface so as not to overpower the design. Certain headings are outlined in complementary colours to enhance the design where necessary.

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