The Business of Paper (CMPC, 2021)

CMPC (Empresas CMPC S.A.) is Chile’s largest pulp and paper company, and has operations across South and Central America. Forbes lists it as one of the world’s largest such companies.

CMPC’s integrated report for 2021 is huge, coming in at 414 full-colour pages. Its sheer heft is perhaps testament to the company’s business success. The use of colour is generous, incorporating a 4C print even across the entire financial section. This, coupled with lavish use of photographs, makes for an unusual financial section and goes a long way to make the section feel like it is part of a single design – something not often encountered in annual report design, where most companies opt for an economical 2C print and, as a side effect, create the sense of two slightly different designs forced together.

Infographics, icons and charts feature heavily in the report. These are often presented in lighter tints of the rich, main colour palette and help to make the report feel less cluttered, while at the same time retaining a high information density. The main colour palette is based around a lush purple and a cool, muted green. This palette is used to great effect for navigation and for colour blocks creating a sense of vibrancy throughout the report.

The cover illustration, credited to Christian Klotz / Mandarina, is lush in its colour and beautifully portrays interconnected lives. Extracts from the main image appear throughout the report but often in some changed way – the couple we see from the rear on the cover, appear facing us in the pages of the report. It’s a nice touch and holds the reader’s interest.

The size of this report, paired with its generous use of colour suggests a company doing well for itself, and one that is not afraid to show it.

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